Hi, I am a nurse

  1. Hi, I’m a nurse.  This is me, coffeeing up to work a shift in an urban emergency room in St. Louis.  Today, I will work along side black people, white people, Asians, MUSLIMS, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, etc.  We will work to put together your sons and daughters who will get shot.  They might be shot by a cop, or by your son or daughter. We will work to put your sons and daughters back together.  We will not talk about race.  We do not care. We will not discuss religion.  We will just work.  And we will pray that we do not see you today. Please be kind to one another.


  1. Jerica on July 9, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Hi April, this is great. Miss you. And isn’t coffee great?

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