Comfortably Numb

About 6 months ago, I found out some dirt on someone with whom I have a hate/hate relationship. I used it to my advantage, calling this person out. By the time the day had ended, I felt ashamed of myself. I think the primary reason I felt shame is that I have higher expectations for my personal behaviors. What was the point of bringing up the dirt? The point was to somehow make myself look superior. And we all know that not a single one of us is superior. At the end of the day, I had allowed myself to sink to my adversaries’ level. Not my proudest moment.

I generally scroll through my Facebook timeline looking at French Bulldog pictures, it’s the little things in life that make me happy. But for the last week, my Facebook timeline has been filled with mean. Mean comments and memes about Joel Osteen. Am I a fan of Joel Osteen? Fuck no. But I am a fan of being tasteful and kind to one another.

Joel Osteen had nothing to do with Hurricane Harvey. His decision to open or close his church to people is just that, his decision. He has to lay down at the end of the day knowing what he did or did not do to contribute to society. Putting him on blast on social media will not make him a better person, it simply sinks us to his level.

I feel like we have become fans of latching on to others misfortune, like if we make fun of other people we are somehow superior to them. Who they are is irrelevant. Joel Osteen is responsible for Joel Osteen. You are responsible for you.


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