Make Yourself Great Again

Make America Yourself Great Again

When I was a kid, I had friends all over the neighborhood. At least 10 kids at any given time would be available to bum around the subdivision, go swimming, walk up to the quick shop and play Pac Man and Galaga, or just sit in the backyard and chill. All of those kids were different, unique, quirky. One kid had a cool dog, another was a genius who was into reading, another had an awesome singing voice, one kid shot me with a bee bee gun. (you all know who you are). We didn’t agree on everything. As a matter of fact, some of us liked punk rock & others liked pop music. But we all found common ground & actually really genuinely liked each other.

Fast forward 30 years, as we sit on our sofas, on our laptops, sitting face to screen with one another, shouting our take on the latest bullshit from MSNBC or Fox news from atop our Facebook status’, declaring our opinions, hating everyone else, and if you don’t like what I have to say, GET OFF MY PAGE.

America isn’t broken, folks. WE are broken. America is alive and well. Her fields are fat with corn and soybeans, planted by men and women who don’t care whether or not you side with the elephants or donkeys. Her turkey vultures are healthy. Her back roads and highways are smooth and curvy and long, so those asphalt cowboys can transport food from farm to store. America is as great and wide open as she has ever been. And she is waiting for you to discover her.

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